About me

Where it all started

As a child I used to love everything that had to do with crafting and painting, which led to later studying fine arts and graphic design. Since then I have worked in the creative field and decided to launch my own stationary company CreativeRobin back in 2019. In the years to come the brand, the amazing team and its products have been expanding and we are excited for our newest binder products launching soon! Feel free to check out our different kinds of planners & binders and feel free to contact me if you have any questions, feedback or ideas! 


What inspires me

All our products are thoughtfully designed and based on real life experiences. Before I got married, I had been to many friends & families weddings and always took mental notes (and many photographs!) of moments that were beautiful and inspiring. It was important to me to capture the beauty of a wedding, like blooming flowers and the newlywed romance in the wedding planner design itself. When I got engaged, I spent a year thoughfully planning and organising my wedding - my gosh there is so much to think of! 

It was important to me, to make this planning stage as stress-free, fun and easy as it could possible be. 


High quality design

As a freelance designer I always had a passion for structured and detailed stationary design. I can't get enough of building pretty tables, overviews, calendars and such. Back when I launched CreativeRobin, it was important to me to build planners & organizers that are visually appealing whilst still being highly functional. Together with my amazing team, we take our time to build detailed, high quality content on each planner page, so you as our costumer can spend less time researching & stressing, and more time just filling out the blanks. 

No worries- of course you can also find blank pages in each planner, in case you have your own planning strategies and ideas. 

Do you have any question?

Don't hesitate to ask me anything. Do you have any wishes for speical products or feedback to a current purchase?

Great, just shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.



Photography by Onetwotreephotography