About me

Hi, I am Hannah, a designer from Ingolstadt Germany
It's me, Hannah

About me

One woman show – that’s me. I don’t like restricting myself to one creative field, which is why I have spent the last years working hard in rounding off my creative talent with various technical skills. There is no shame in being a true allrounder.


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More about me

As a child I used to love everything that had to do with crafting and painting, which led to later studying fine arts in Offenburg. I used this as a basis for my first class honours Bachelor Degree in‚ Motion Graphics and Animation Design‘ at Northumbria University, UK.

I started off with a strong animation background, but I’ve drifted to graphic design in the last few years, passionately combining all my skills in print and digital projects.

The story behind CreativeRobin

On top of my freelancing projects, I always acted out my full creativity by designing stuff I liked. 

In December 2019 I finally decided that I want to give my personal projects a name and build my own personal brand of stuff I have conceptualized, designed and developed. 

I started with a newly created PRINTABLE MEAL PLANNER as my first brand product for sale.

CreativeRobin logo

The story behind CreativeRobin

Within the first week the first customers paid for my really own creation. 

What a great feeling that was! 

And it felt right !

From there I went on with designing more and more printable planners, wall arts etc. and that's the story how CreativeRobin was born.

Do you have any question?

Don't hesitate to ask me anything. Do you have any wishes for speical products?

Great, just shoot me a message and I will see what I can do.

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